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Got the #wednesdaywoes? Never fear for the belated #tuesdaytunes is here!!! :)
1. Breathe Carolina feat. Karmin - “Bang it Out” - they are a high energy punk rock pop band and this song exemplifies this. This song has a great bangin’ techno beat. His vocals are awesome esp with Karmin’s female perspective along with them. Great dance song!
2. @elliegoulding - “Beating Heart” - She has appeared in my list a few times now and it’s no coincidence. Her unique voice lends a great depth and character to every song she sings. Especially for the #divergent soundtrack. Emotions run high in the movie as it does in this song. Great.
3. Shakira - “Dare (La La La) - Also a banger, this song come out of the gate a her first track on the album and it’s no surprise it’s fabulous. She teases you with a game if truth or dare, but we all know her hips don’t lie. ;) love this one!
4. Natalia Safran - “All I Feel is You” - This rolls as the end credits to the movie “Hours” with Paul Walker, rip. This movie will rip open your heart and soul as a father tried to keep his baby alive during Hurricane Katrina. This song perfectly sums up all feels. Beautiful.

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